Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunnyside - New mediterranean house for TS3

Hello everyone! Today I bring you this cute little mediterranean house. It was originally built in Sunset Valley, but I've moved it to Queenstown, the amazing new world made by Awesims. It has a bedroom with its own bathroom. In the exterior, it has a parking and a pool. It's perfect for a couple with a considerable amount of money :P

Enjoy! <3

Saturday, March 26, 2011

First experience with The Sims Medieval

Hello everyone! The Sims Medieval is available! It's amazing how EA combine all the Sims 3 features with the medieval culture. The bard, the servant, the kings and queens from other kingdoms, the jacoban and peteran priests, etc, etc, etc. All these people make you to say ''Wow! I'm really in a medieval kingdom''.
Missions are easy, you normally have to speak with someone to get information or to know what the people think about the kingdom or you have to buy things and work in your workshop.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

SimControl challenge: Come back to the origin.

Two weeks ago, Pilar told us to revamp the Barchelor family house. We're seeing this family since The Sims 1. They're an important part of the game story and it's so interesting to play with them. The task was to change the appearence of the 4 members of the family and redecorate the house, keeping the typical red color that Bella dresses everywhere in the decoration. The house really needed a revamp, here is the before pic. I'm not going to show you the interior... you wouldn't like to see it, believe me.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

TS3 Generations and Unleashed + China Pic Spam

Fast as a tortoise: Happy New Year and Happy Valentine's day! I hope you're enjoying this year so far. I was paying attention for the new Outdoor Living SP, The Sims Medieval and, of course, for next Generations EP (I read it come out on May 10) The trailer of Generations is released and all I can say is that  I L-O-V-E IT.

(Trailer uploaded by me)

Do you think there are Must-Have Expansions? If you do, you can't say that's not a Must-Have Expansion. It's not dedicated to a specific topic, just new features for the different ages, but it amaze me a lot! However, I didn't see many new features for elders. But don't worry, there's more for October 2011!


(Trailer uploaded by me) 

Yes, two trailers at the same time. There were rumors about Seasons and I was so happy to hear that, but anyway I Love Pets too. You can see in the trailer... new interactions and furniture will be added and if all the things that appear in the trailer are true, we'll be able to do many thing with our pets: Dogs, cats, snakes, deers, racoons, stunks and horses ^^

And the last thing, but not less important: China Pic Spam! :P I was playing a lot with WA last week. I finished all the missions and I have Visa Level 3. All's done in China. Preparing my suitcase for Egypt!