Sunday, October 24, 2010

Surrealist Art and + 1,000 visits

Hi everyone

First thing I want to tell you is very important for me, the blog has got more than 1000 visitors since 4 August!
Yeah, 70 differents countries and 1,375 visitors were here, at Hogar Sim.

That makes me very happy. All of you enjoy with my creations and have good words to me. I just can say: 

Thank you!

Now, time for Surrealist things. I know october is time for halloween and monsters, but these is not very original. All people make pumpkins and vampires for the game. I have another proposal for decorate your sims' houses in these days

Surrealist Art

 6 pics in one mesh.

Includes sims3pack and package files.
Mesh from Macthekat
Created with TSR Workshop.

Have a nice Halloween with these paintings. I'll back soon with more paintings, patterns and decorations for your sims.

Happy simming!


  1. No problem, Jennifer :a Glad you like them.

  2. These are awesome! Thank you for sharing!:)

  3. This art is seriously gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing. :g

  4. Thank you both for your comments :g I'm soo happy that you like them.

  5. Wow I love Sureal art (as you can tell by my avatar)Thanks! I love these! :)

  6. This will be perfect!

    Do you mind my asking where the couch in the 1st photo came from though?